Back to Oakland – Our 40th Reunion!

Pano image of the skyline high school class of 1974 40th reunion.

October 11, 2014 is a date that will go down in Titan ’74 history! 

Table decorations at Skyline High School class of 1974 40th reunionThe Skyline High School Class of 1974 40th reunion was held at Oakland’s Ascension Greek Orthodox Cathedral. More than 200 classmates and their guests shared a memorable evening filled with conversation, dining and live music by East Bay Mudd who brought back memories with favorites from our high school days.

The two rooms were beautifully decorated by Heidi Hansen, Nancy Nelson Norman and their team of helpers. Balloon columns bracketed the entrance to the main hall, and lighted table decorations provided a fun, and unexpected, addition to the festivities. The lights in the decor ended up as wardrobe accessories!

Back to Oakland banner from Skyline High School Class of 1974 40th reunionAttendees were greeted by our dedicated reception crew of Jill Ushijima and Tim Underwood. We also had some help from a volunteer from the class of 1978 – thanks Mark Wilson! The lobby was decorated with a large banner of our reunion theme – Back to Oakland. The automobiles crossing the bridge had working headlights. Many photos were taken in front of this backdrop.

A memory slide-show played throughout the evening. A video rendition of the slideshow can be found on YouTube, by clicking this link. We also had a short video message sent by Tom Hanks, who was on location in New York. His surprise to us was a message from Steven Spielberg! Unfortunately, the video was for one-time play, so it can’t be posted.

We enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner arranged by June Hirabayashi Miller, followed by the band kicking into high gear. The dance floor filled, as the evening progressed. Please see the photos in the gallery below. They tell the story far better than words.

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40th Reunion Picnic

Calling all class of 74 Titans, as well as friends and family of ’74 titans.

We’re holding a casual, BYO everything, picnic at Montclair Park.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

11:30 a.m. to whenever

BYO lunch, chairs, drinks, etc.

Montclair Park, near the Western Play Area

Let the fun continue!!

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Reunion Committee in Full Swing for 40th Reunion

Some of the Class of 74 Reunion Committee

Some of the Class of 74 Reunion CommitteeThe dedicated members of the reunion committee have been in session since March of 2013 working on the details of our 40th Reunion. We’ve met every 2 to 3 months  to methodically go through the logistics of the event. We are still working out some of the minutia, but things are now well in hand, and we expect it to be a lovely evening.

Based on feedback from previous reunions, we’ve tried to take the things our classmates have told us to heart. The venue is in a familiar location and has quiet areas for conversations. We worked hard to keep the price point as low as possible.

We believe that the 40th reunion is a milestone, and should be celebrated accordingly. We had lengthy discussions on how best to mark the occasion, and have decided that a live band would create a sense of celebration and energy. While Tower of Power is out of our price range, Randy Haight has recommended a great band, East Bay Mudd. He has worked with them to give us a fantastic price for the evening. Without Randy’s help, we would not have such a well respected band playing for us. Thanks, Randy!

Our dinner committee, led by June Hirabayashi Miller and Leanne McDonnell Corkill, and assisted by Jill Ushijima and ???, has put together a wonderful buffet. They worked diliegently with the caterer to come up with a creative menu that fits within our budget. Nancy Nelson Norman and Heidi Hanson are in charge of the decorations that will take this reunion “Back to Oakland”.

We opted for a no host bar for a number of reasons. We initially wanted to include drinks in the ticket price, but as we did our research, it became clear that we were better off with the no host model. This way people can order what they want, and those who only want soft drinks/water don’t feel they’re paying for the more expensive drinks that others are having. Again, our friend Randy came through for us with a big discount on beverages from Costco.

One big change for our 40th is the use of email and the Internet. This Website has been created to help classmates do everything from purchase tickets to sharing news. While we have an active Facebook Group, its not everyone’s cup of tea. We want to provide options that fit your lifestyle and technology comfort level. We also have the Shutterfly site, which will be our go-to place for photo sharing, after the event. Through Shutterfly, you can download images, order prints, or create a photo book. So make sure to bring your camera to the event!

RIP Rawley T. Farnsworth

Rawley T. Farnsworth

On April 15, 2013, drama teacher Rawley T. Farnsworth passed away at the age of 87. He had retired from teaching in the early 80’s and moved to Dillon Beach, where he lived until his partner passed away. He then moved to San Francisco, where he lived for more than 30 years. Around 2008, he moved to Fort Lauderdale FL, and later Ocala FL. to be closer to family members. He passed away from pneumonia after a long, and not very successful convalescence after a fall.

In memory of Mr. Farnsworth, a Teaching Fellowship was created with ACT (American Conservatory Theatre) in San Francisco. His family, Trudi Stillwell Melohn and Tom Hanks helped to make this Fellowship possible. The Farnsworth Fellowship funds a program which sends a teaching artist to schools in disadvantages areas, who do not have arts programs available to them. This seems like a very fitting tribute to a teacher who made such a difference in so many students lives. If you have fond memories of Mr. Farnsworth, perhaps you can consider making a donation to the teaching fund. farnsworth_banner